What is the LECRS?

The Lake Echo Community Recreation Society (LECRS) operates and maintains the Lake Echo Community Centre (LECC) through a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and valuable Committee Members.  We provide and support community-interest programming, recreational activities for all ages, and are the welcoming home for a number of benevolent organizations such as the Lake Echo and Area Lions Club, the Lioness Club, the Seniors Club and the Lake Echo Food Bank. We revel in the rich cultural diversity of our area, and we are proud to provide  safe, respectful and inclusive activities reflective of local interests. All are encouraged to find opportunities to participate in healthy living through physical activity at our Centre, or engage in meaningful leisure. We are committed to conserving, supporting and improving the quality of life in our community.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Staff, we welcome you to find out more about us.


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Diane and her husband Mark have lived in Lake Echo since 1991. Diane became interested in the Society and the Center shortly after retiring from the Workers Compensation Board in February 2018. She always understood the value of small communities, and it is much more than a geographic collection of people. She believes the Society has a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to make our Centre the true heart of Lake Echo; where everyone can experience what community means to them and their families. Throughout her time on the board, they have made significant changes to serve our residents even better, but now the journey isn’t over yet.  Diane is looking forward to the exciting future of the center and welcomes the community ideas, experience, energy and open-minded perseverance to get help us get there.


Vice - Chair

Stephanie has been actively involved in recreation, in HRM, since the 1980s.  A wife, mother of five, and grandmother, she knows the importance of access to healthy living resources in her community.  Stephanie has Board experience with the Lifesaving Society and Lifesaving Sport Commission and has been Executive Director of HEMS Homeschooling for more than 20 years.  Stephanie's hobbies include sewing, gardening, raising chickens and recently pickleball.  Stephanie teaches aquatic leadership, lifeguarding, first aid, CPR, and Oxygen Administration.  Now that her children are grown, she is going back to school to study paramedicine.


Director, FOC Chair

(Facility Operations Committee)

Matthew joined the LECRS in December of 2019 after living in Lake Echo since 2018. Previous to this board/community involvement Matthew was a member of the CIC (Cadet Instructors Cadre) where he was in charge of instruction and supervision of Cadets ages 12 - 19. 

Matthew works in restoration and is the head of the Facilities Maintenance committee, he is responsible for keeping our building safe and beautiful for the community!

Lake Echo Rec



Anne Marie was a former fitness instructor and had always been a health and fitness enthusiast!

She enjoys working with the public within communities.  

As a Newfoundlander and growing up with nine siblings, she naturally loves being social and having a grand time! Anne Marie has four grown children and now four grandsons and two granddaughters, they are the light of her life! and she dedicates her free time to them.

Some of her favourite hobbies are crafts, crocheting love to take long walks, still like to work out, and I enjoy doing crafts like crocheting

and colouring, and when I can volunteer. She has lots of experience working with the community both in the past and currently. Anne Marie is new to the Lake Echo area and is most excited about the growth of the community around her and playing a part in that.




Ashley has years of experience in management which naturally comes with an abundance of responsibilities, teaching her many lessons on what it takes to run a business. When she joined the board in December 2019, she had come prepared with her own goals and aspirations. She understood the importance of inclusivity and a welcoming spirit and that is exactly what she wanted to see come to life within the center. One of her main passions and reasons for joining the board was to provide an outlet for youth. She wanted to make sure she was doing her part to create a safe friendly environment for youth to take advantage of. With her passion for community and her knowledge in business, the treasurer position was a perfect fit. Ashley looks forward to forward to seeing all of her neighbors around the community center! :)





If you are eager to the be the change in your community, make sure to fill out an application below and email us!